During COVID-19 pandemic and Governor stay at home order we are currently unable to provide Magical Encounters characters. As for Witches Night Out 2020, we will update on our Facebook event page, we will not be selling any tickets this year to avoid any gathering that maybe against the governors stay at home order. We apologize for this inconvenience but hope everyone is staying healthy and still hope to see you Saturday October 10th 2020 in costumes supporting businesses in Enumclaw WA.

Gold Pub Crawl Sponsorship

Gold Pub Crawl Sponsorship

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NW Magical Events is inviting you to be apart of a great community event that will help a local cause that directly effects the people in our community. Our public events are designed to not only to help a local cause with a community event but also to showcase local business like yours. Sponsorships from local businesses like yours in a community event will help show your presents in and commitment to the community.
***Sponsoring businesses are to come up with a specials or discounted items for attendees of event. You will be able to identify these attendees by their wrist band given to the at the beginning of the event at registration. DISCOUNTED ITEMS ARE FOR ATTENDEES WITH WRISTBANDS ONLY.
***We need to be informed of specials and discounted items 30 days before event to advertise properly, gain more interest from potential attendees and get your business info on the packets for attendees in time for the event. This will also help bring attention to your business.
***Prizes will be given throughout the night to attendees. Any prizes from your business should help showcase your business. Prizes need to be turned in 3 weeks (21 days) before event to advertise and bring attention to your business again.
***We want attendees to be encouraged as much as possible to come to your business and stay awhile and enjoy themselves, so they come back again in the future. To help attract them to your business we strongly encourage adding a fun game, live music or other fun the night of event. Let us know in advance so we can be sure to help advertise it as well as add it to attendee’s event packets.
We are looking forward to working with many different and great local businesses and have several ways to join the sponsoring team. If you have any questions or would like to reach out with more ideas for this event or any future events please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time we know how important it is and we look forward to working with you and joining our sponsoring team.
NW Magical Events
Contact Liz
By phone (253)269-2203 or by email nwmevents.liz@gmail.com
Sponsoring Team Options for Pub Crawl Events
60 days before event……………………………… Conformation on your sponsorship
45 days before event………………………………. Payment to hold sponsorship place
30 days before event………………………………. Specials and discounts texted or emailed to Liz
21 days before event……………………………….. Prizes from business ready for pickup
Contact: Liz call or text (253)269-2203 or email nwmevents.liz@gamil.com

●Gold Sponsorship- $400 and 300 small coupon or gift to put in participants goody bag to advertise your business and get them to return after event.

This sponsorship is the “final stop”  only 1 gold sponsorship is available per event and usually books within 6 months before event where the final awards, prizes, final scavenger hunt check in is and party happens. It is required to be large, have their own DJ or live music, be walking distance from the start location of event and must be able to serve adult beverages. You are responsible to checking id of attendees.


Attendees will receive extra points on their scavenger hunt when they provide proof of purchase from your business. They can provide proof with a picture of themselves with purchased items or receipt. This will encourage them to go spend money at your business and draw attention to your business.

Spotlight on all our social media of amazing prize your business contributed to event for local cause, will also again draw attention to your business.

Sponsor spotlight on all our social media highlighting your business, another way for us to draw people into your business.

∙Attendees will have to come into your business during event and find an item for their scavenger hunt. This gets them into your business, item maybe them taking a picture of a certain item in your business, an object they need to find or something else we can come up with that will draw attention to your business.

∙Prize drawing at your business location, this is what no one wants to miss, all attendees will show up for. We can do additional drawings at your location for additional cost of $25.

∙Your business name listed on thank you’s on all social media and opening and closing of the event.

∙Final stop location where all attendees must check in for scavenger hunt.

∙All awards will be presented at your business to attendees.

∙Final and biggest prizes given away at your business to attendees.